Parc Résidentiel "Le Védrignans"
Route de Vedrignans - 66800 Saillagouse - France
Tel : +33(0)4 68 04 04 79 - Fax : +33(0)4 68 04 06 89 - Email :
 BOOKING FORM (for use after confirmation of availability )
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I ask the P.R.L. THE VEDRIGNANS to book for the period :

from   at 17h00      to   at 10h00

Chalet 4 places                 Chalet 6+2 places
Chalet 4+2
places             Chalet 8 places

Age of persons :

Price per stay :
Fees :
Total stay : + electric consumption, taxes and household
Enclosed is the deposit : corresponding to 25 % of the total amount by money order
                        or check payable to the VEDRIGNANS.

I agree to pay the balance on arrival

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General Rental Conditions

The cottages are rented 17h Arrival - Departure 10am . At your expense sheets and personal laundry .
A deposit of 150 euros deposited on arrival will be made after verification of the inventory .
In case of cancellation of booking , the deposit will be refunded if they receive a letter of cancellation 30 days before arrival. Otherwise , they will be reserved by the VEDRIGNANS . If for any reason , length of stay is shortened , the total remains VEDRIGNANS acquired.
All Tenants agree to pay the balance on the day of arrival. All Tenants agree to respect the rules. In case of late arrival and not reported management, leasing will be maintained 24 hours. After this period, the reservation will be canceled .